Winnipeg Magnetic Signs

The side of vehicles are a commonplace for magnetic signs. It’s a great way to advertise on to go and get your business known at a much farther range compared to a stationary sign.

Winnipeg magnetic signs

Magnetic Signs Winnipeg

The entire back side of a magnetic sign is made up of a strong magnet which keeps the sign in place at speeds of up to 70mph. The front side on the other hand is composed of a hard plastic onto which the design is printed. The best thing about magnetic signs is they can be re-used. Just like any other ordinary magnet, they can be pealed off easily and re-applied to any metallic surface.

Here are a few tips on using magnetic signs,

  • Make sure that both the surface and the back side of the magnet is clean, dry and waxed.
  • Remove the sign at least once a week to clean both surfaces again and prevent moisture from accumulating and damaging the surface.
  • Do not roll up the sign when storing it to ensure the quality of the sign will last longer.

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